• Fundamentals of Improvisation

  • Creating Characters

  • Improv for Auditions

  • Scene Work 

Every Casting Director looks for improv training from Actors. And every Casting Director NEEDS improv SKILLS from Actors. Learn to "Yes, and" your way to stronger auditions, specific character choices, and confidence in improvising during scenes. This class is perfect for Actors, Writers, Comedians, Performers, as well as non-industry Business Professionals. 

Some topics covered in class include:

"Jason's class was, a, BLAST! It helped me make strong, more specific choices during auditions, and even did wonders for my writing. Can't recommend it enough!"

- Rochelle G. 



Every Sunday, 6-consecutive weeks

 10am - 1pm

$235 (total for each session)


Session 1: Feb. 2 - Mar. 8

Session 2: Mar. 29 - May 3

Session 3: May 24 - June 28


Creating Characters for the Stage & the Page

  • Fundamentals of Comedy

  • Audition Technique

  • Multi Cam vs Single Cam

  • Script Analysis

Be directed on camera by an actual Director. Train for your auditions with an actual Showrunner who cast for sitcoms. Learn to master comedy from a comedy Master. Students will be given scenes and perform them on camera (audition-style) and then coached & directed by the Instructor. Students will also be given their footage to study and dissect at home. 

Some topics covered in class include:

"HRTraining is the real deal. Lee knows comedy and I've booked three roles in major sitcoms since working with him. Best value in LA, great training."




Every Sunday, 6-consecutive weeks

130pm - 430pm

$275 (total for each session)


Session 1: Feb. 2 - Mar. 8

Session 2: Mar. 29 - May 3

Session 3: May 24 - June 28

All classes held at Gray Studios

5250 Vineland Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91601

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